15 Ideal Places to Retire & buy Property in Italy

15 Ideal Places to Retire & buy Property in Italy

Italy is often touted as one of the best country to Live, retire and buy property in Europe. After all, it offers a relaxed lifestyle, lots of overseas communities, the Mediterranean climate, high quality of life and incredible food and wine. In this video we have listed the most prime areas to retire and buy property in Italy. Most of these areas are quite expensive, especially those myriad areas popular with tourists, like the lakes of Lombardy, Como, its world-famous cities or the Idyllic coastline of Amalfi and the Vast countryside of Tuscany. While on the flip side, we have also listed places from the southern side of the country: from regions such as Puglia, Calabria and Sicily which increasingly attract the attention of newcomers looking for competitive prices.
So with that, here are 15 Ideal places for retirement or property in Italy

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