Bellagio – The Prettiest Places in Italy – The Most Beautiful Villages of Como Lake

Bellagio – The Prettiest Places in Italy – The Most Beautiful Villages of Como Lake

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📌 Location : Bellagio , Italy
Date recorded: June 12:30 PM Tuesday
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Short History of Bellagio :

Bellagio was already famous in the Roman era
Its enchanting and strategic position has written its history
Holidays in Bellagio date back to ancient history.

The first person to leave a record of his stays in this spot was Pliny the Younger in the first century A.D. He owned two villas on the lake where he combined studying and writing with hunting and fishing. Over the centuries, the strategic position at the centre of the lake made Bellagio important enough to be the object of contention many times.

For a long period during medieval times, the village was dominated by nearby Como, but in 1100, it was already a free commune with its own court. However, in 1154, Frederick Barbarossa brought it under allegiance to Como once more. In the 13th century, Bellagio became part of the Duchy of Milan under the Visconti family. The town was responsible for the surveillance of the lake, and for this reason the Magistrate known as ‘Capitano del Lario’, was armed with two boats, each with twenty oarsmen and sixty soldiers, which he used to patrol the waters against piracy and smugglers.

The town of Bellagio extends from 229 meters. Above sea level up to 1686 meters. height of the top of Mount San Primo and is divided into 22 hamlets.

Come and discover Bellagio “The Pearl of Lake Como” and be amazed by what it can offer. From dawn to sunset, when the sky is full of stars, a flow of emotions and experiences: breakfast by the lake lulled by the gentle waves, walk in the shade of the ancient arcades, visits to gardens and villas, sports activities and new art and culinary experiences .

Italy offers a wonderful series of lakes, which have always attracted tourists and visitors. These ancient glacial lakes vary from the great expanses of Lake Garda (370 sq. km) to the tiny lakes of Olginate and Segrino (less than a single square kilometer each).

Lake Como is the richest of Italy’s three major lakes in terms of charm and culture. Its unmistakable upturned Y shape was carved out by a glacier that was forced to split into two by the mountain that stood in its path. The lake offers the visitor the longest and most indented coastline of all the Italian lakes (170 km) as well as some of the most delightful natural, architectural gems of the entire peninsular.
Lake Como is a true oasis of beauty where history, art, culture and nature merge to create a unique harmony in the world.

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