Welcome to Dramatically Expatic! In this video, I wanted to chat about the best place to move to in 2022 – and I’m talking about Italy. If you’re looking for a perfect place to live in 2022, if you’re wondering what’s it like to live in Italy, if you’re into moving to Italy in 2022 or if you’re curious about the most liveable city in 2022 – this video is for you! I’m talking about all the pros and cons of living in Italy in 2022, and sharing with you which Italian city is the best to live in!

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Hi! Iā€™m Valeria, and Iā€™m a Ukrainian expat and digital nomad, currently living in Italy. I first came here without speaking the language and being totally unprepared, but pretty sure this is gonna be an adventure of a lifetime! I love discovering Italian culture, Italian people and, of course, Italian food. I’m a full-time content creator, so when I’m not making travel videos, I’m taking photos, writing and creating artworks. Studying is another passion of mine, and currently Iā€™m finishing my Masters degree at the University of Bologna. Here I post regular travel vlogs, tips on expat life, moving abroad, personal growth and self-esteem as a woman living abroad, so hop on and welcome on board!

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