Deli Style Italian Sandwich

Deli Style Italian Sandwich

Thinly slice a tomato.
Thinly slice an onion.
Chop a couple of green olives and a couple of Kalamata olive.
Slice up some Iceberg lettuce and slightly shred, place in a bowl.

Mix 1/2 cup Olive Oil with One (1) to Four (4) Tbsp Red Wine Vinegar (vinegar to taste).
Mix the red wine vinegar and olive oil and pour a few teaspoons over the shredded lettuce.
Toss the lettuce to slightly coat with the oil/vinegar.
Sprinkle with salt if desired, Oregano, Black Pepper and Parsley.

Reserve the rest of the olive oil/vinegar to dress the sandwich at the end.

Slice a Hogie/sub bun through the middle but not all the way through. Butterfly open the bun lying flat.

Spread a pickled pepper style sandwich relish on the bottom bun.
Place down some of the chopped olives.
Place down sliced uncured ham.
Place down sliced Salami.
Place down sliced Pepperoni.
Place down sliced Coppa Ham (capicola) or Prosciutto (both cuts are similar)
Place down sliced Provolone Cheese.

Top ham/cheese with seasoned/dressed shredded lettuce.
Top lettuce with sliced onion and tomato.
Sprinkle with salt/pepper if desired.

Splash top bun and the tomatoes with the olive oil/vinegar mix if desired.
Sprinkle with Italian Blend seasoning.


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