“Holidays” in Italian: simple words and expression to talk about your vacation

“Holidays” in Italian: simple words and expression to talk about your vacation

Ciao! In today’s lesson, we’ll talk about holidays in Italian. I’m going to show you some easy words and examples that you can use in real-life conversations. I hope you enjoy the video!

Before you start, the following lessons can help you fully understand today’s class:

– Verb “Andare” (to go): https://youtu.be/6kwKMAZe0FI
– Verb “Essere” (to be): https://youtu.be/KlJKe6KpEJ8
– Verb “Stare” (to stay): https://youtu.be/ys8QOOqz9iU
– Prepositions in Italian: https://youtu.be/2husel6DNbs
– “I like/Don’t like” in Italian: https://youtu.be/CKtdM9t1Scg

—————————- SUMMARY OF THE LESSON ————————–

The Italian word for holiday is “la vacanza” (in the singular) and “le vacanze” (in the plural). In a working environment, it’s more common to refer to your annual leave with the term “le ferie” (always in the plural).

In this lesson you’ll learn some simple expressions that you can use to talk about holidays with your friends.

1. GOING ON HOLIDAY: “andare in vacanza”. In this part of the lesson, I’ll show you when to use the preposition “in” or “a”
2. BEING ON HOLIDAY: “essere in vacanza”
3. ACCOMODATION: “stare in” + place where’s you’re gonna spend the night
4. BOOKING: “prenotare” + place/means of transport you booked
5. TRAVELING: “viaggiare in” + means of transport
6. ESSENTIALS: things that you cannot forget when traveling, such as your passport (“il passaporto”) or your boarding pass (“la carta d’imbarco), etc
7. ACTIVITIES: some activities that you can do on holidays, like for example visiting a musuem/monument (“visitare un museo/monumento) or trying local food (“provare il cibo locale”)

Watch the video for lot of examples and further explanations!

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