How to Make Proper Hoagie Rolls at home

How to Make Proper Hoagie Rolls at home

I call them hoagie rolls, you may call them sub rolls, whatever you call them these are the ideal roll for a sandwich loaded with meats, cheese, vegetables for a classic hoagie or sub sandwich.

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Hoagie Roll: (0:00)
Intro: (0:22)
What is a hoagie?: (0:42)
Why I’m making this video: (1:15)
Lean vs Enriched doughs: (1:46)
Magic Dust – Diastatic Malt Powder: (2:43)
Why Cornmeal?: (3:37)
What does egg wash do?: (4:01)
What does steam do to bread?: (4:38)
Hoagie Roll – Step by Step Recipe: (5:32)
Hoagie Assembly: (10:03)

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