i became an italian farmer

i became an italian farmer

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end of year post. This was a longer video which is all thanks to Matt! You can tell he worked on the video because the animation was good lol. I’m working on building a team to be able to make more videos and Matt has been a huge help in that effort. I’m still learning how to build a team at all so there may be some growing pains but it’s exciting that it’s happening.

Anyway this video is about an experience I had last summer. My friend invited me to go farm sit and that was a great and rare opportunity just plopped on my lap so I decided I really wanted to go. And so I did! There was a lot of new experiences gained from the trip, and in this video was the most notable ones. Italy is a beautiful place with really tasty food. I am certainly going back some day. Either as a farmer or a tourist who knows.

I hope you enjoyed this video. More to come.

animators: https://twitter.com/Thelaserbearguy and me

Thank you for watching.

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