Italian Sandwich on the Griddle  – EASY FLAT TOP GRILL SANDWICH

Italian Sandwich on the Griddle – EASY FLAT TOP GRILL SANDWICH

This Italian Sandwich on the griddle is a super easy and fantastic flat top grill sandwich to make on your Blackstone, Camp Chef, or Pit Boss… And it’s so good that my wife ate the whole thing (bread/carbs and all), and she even wants another one of these easy Italian sub sandwiches again next week.

In this video I show you some different techniques for making the best griddle sandwich, like how to steam your bread for soft flavorful sandwich bread and how to dress your lettuce… Yes, k always dress my sandwich lettuce instead of just putting plain lettuce on there.

If you’re a fan of the Italian sandwich at Subway, then you’ve got to try this easy Italian sandwich on the flat top grill. Whether you call it a sub, a hero, or a sandwich, I’m confident you’ll enjoy this easy griddle lunch recipe! Enjoy!

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