Italy's BEST sandwich?? 【Siracusa Style】

Italy's BEST sandwich?? 【Siracusa Style】

Panini are a must-try when in Siracusa, Italy. The shop known as
Cxxxxxxxxx Bxxxxxx (Name redacted for intellectual property reasons)
is famous for having, “The best sandwiches in Italy.” My panino uses a
selection of FROM ITALY ingredients, like cold cuts, cheeses, and
artichoke cream. I have gone out of my way to get advice from a team
of Italians (from Italy and of Italian heritage) to make sure that
THIS panino is the most Italian sandwich you will find, without booking a plane ticket! And…although it’s a matter of taste, this is — to me — the best sandwich in the world!

When I promised Thunderjack that I would make him the best Italian sandwich of his life, I knew it had to be Sicilian! However…

There is NO PLACE in real life, or on the Internet, that will give you
English instructions for this. Believe me, I checked. If you aim to make a real Italian sandwich, and you don’t understand Italian, THIS is the video you need!

Special thanks to Maurizio for taking the time to teach me all about Italy, Italian food culture, ingredients and history. Special thanks also to Franco and Alessandro at Renzullo Food Market in Vancouver, for letting me pester them again and again, to teach me how to make this sandwich. Without this team of Italians, this sandwich — and this video — would never have come to exist!

All music and sound effects were sourced from the YouTube Audio Library.

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