The BEST Free Things to Do and See in Florence, Italy

The BEST Free Things to Do and See in Florence, Italy

After going wayyyy over budget the day before (due to EuroCup excitement), we decided that we would try and find all the best free things to do, and see, in Florence. There are so many beautiful things to do, and walking around Florence is just amazing. Oh, and be sure to check out that Sandwich shop we showed in the video, it’s really great, and honestly–one sandwich is enough for 2 people.

For those of you interested in how much our trip has been costing us as we go, we’re going to put how much we spend each day at the end of each video, as well as how we’ve spent on the trip overall. Enjoy 🙂

Places we visited:
Sandwichic –
Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore
Piazza della Repubblica
Palazzo Vecchio
Ponte Vecchio
Piazzele Michaelango
Gelateria dei Neri –

We stayed here:

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