The Best Pork Sandwich in Italy – Street Food – Rome Italy 2022

The Best Pork Sandwich in Italy – Street Food – Rome Italy 2022

ITALY, Rome: Rome is famous for her beef but the Roman also love a good pork chop. So do I! So come along as I wander the streets of Rome capital in search of Italy’s finest #pork sandwich.
Welcome to ROME, home to some of the BEST Italian food in ITALY. ROMA is packed with tons of traditional Italian dishes and Italian street food,

Today we will go to the famous Porchetteria in Rome which is called Porchetteria La rinascita, in Via Del Governo Vecchio 89/90. They have different types of sandwiches like:
Classico, Norcino, Assisano, Spagnolo, Origini, Romanesco. There are Also Two Cutting Boards Small And The Big One, which includes: pork, prosciutto, salami, Cheese, Lonzia and Bread.
All products in the shop come from the city of Umbria which is famous for its pork and wonderful wines and beers

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