Toasted Italian Sandwich

Toasted Italian Sandwich

Cured meats with provolone cheese served on a toasted Hogie bun.

Chop up equal parts plain black olives with pimento stuffed green Spanish olives. Set aside.
Mix up two (2) to three (3) Tbsp olive oil with a teaspoon of dried parsley. Sprinkle in approximately 1/4 Tsp garlic powder. Add a tablespoon of Parmesan Cheese with a pinch of salt. Mix well and set aside.

Split a large #8 style Hogie bun down the center and butterfly it open from the top.

Apply a chili pepper sandwich relish spread to the inside of the buns.
Note: This is a vinegar base relish so apply to taste or omit.

Spread the chopped olive mix into the bun.

Lay on a layer of Prosciutto ham thin sliced
Lay on a layer of Coppa ham thin sliced (Capocollo ham)
Lay on a layer of Pepperoni thin sliced
Lay on a layer of Salami thin sliced
Lay on Provolone cheese (rolled)

Brush the sides with the olive oil mixture.
Sprinkle on some Italian blend seasoning or Oregano.
Sprinkle on black pepper.

Place into pre-heated 350-degree oven for approximately ten (10) minutes or until the bread has toasted on the outside and the cheese has melted.

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