Top 10 Biggest Cities in Italy ๐Ÿ‘ˆ | Best Places To Visit

Top 10 Biggest Cities in Italy ๐Ÿ‘ˆ | Best Places To Visit

Let us see the 10 Biggest Cities of Italy!

Italy is a beautiful country in Europe. Rome or Roma in Lazio region is the Italian Capital city. Some of the Biggest and Most Populated Cities of Italy are Milan or Milano (in Lombardy), Naples or Napoli (in Campania), Turin or Torino (in Piedmont) and Palermo (in Sicily). There are many other Top Cities and Largest Cities in Italy like Genoa or Genova (in Liguria), Bologna (in Emilia-Romagna), Florence or Firenze (in Tuscany), Bari (in Apulia) and Catania (in Sicily). The Italian city of Venice (in Veneto) is considered an awesome Holiday Destination by the Tourists around the world. In this video we will tell you interesting information about biggest cities of Italy like Population, Nickname, Gender Ratio, Population Density, Area, etc. If you are a Tourist who likes to Travel this video and channel is a must for you. So let us see which are the biggest and best cities of Italy!

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Please Note: The population shown in this video might differ for the same cities in our other videos as for videos of countries the population of cities is taken while for videos of Continents and World the Agglomeration/Metropolitan population is considered.

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