Top 10 Italian Phrases for Travel you NEED to know 🇮🇹[Italian for Beginners]

Top 10 Italian Phrases for Travel you NEED to know 🇮🇹[Italian for Beginners]

Learn these Top 10 Italian phrases for travellers so you can greet people, order food and travel with confidence. 🇮🇹 Learn travel Italian with my 80/20 method, visit 🤩Here are 33 Italy travel tips that will save you time, money and disappointment

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Top 10 Essential Italian travel phrases you NEED to know & How to Use Them!

1. Ciao! (informal) / Salve! (formal) – This simple means. ‘Hello’.
2. Arrivederci – this means goodbye, literally it means ‘until we see each other again’.
3. Grazie – This means ‘thank you’. You can also add the word ‘mille’. So, grazie mille means, many thanks or thank you very much.
4.Sì / No – These mean ‘yes’ and ‘no’ respectively.’
5. Mi scusi / Permesso – Mi scusi is used to get someone’s attention or apologise for something small like bumping into someone, and permesso is used to get past someone.
6. Quanto costa (questo)? – This means ‘how much is it’?
7. Come si arriva a…? – This means ‘how do you get to…’? – Use a map to point where you want to go or try and say the name of the place with the Italian pronunciation. For example, the Colosseum is, il colosseo, and Trevi Fountain is Fontana di Trevi, but the Spanish Steps is Piazza di Spagna (Spain Square).
8. Dov’è il bagno? – This means ‘where is the bathroom’?
9. Vorrei… – which means ‘I would like…
10. Salute! – This means ‘cheers!’ or ‘bless you!’, after someone sneezes

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